3D letters are one of the most common types of advertising features

They are most often used for creating inscriptions and logos on business premises, shop windows, fairs, events and other places where it is necessary to attract the attention of observers.

3D letters are letters that are made of different materials, such as metal, plexiglass, wood or styrofoam, and have a three-dimensional appearance. This type of advertising features is popular because it provides an aesthetically appealing appearance, stands out from a flat surface and has greater visibility compared to classic signs.

Types of signage that we offer:
  • 3D channel letters from plexiglass

  • 3D channel letters from aluminium sheets
  • 3D channel letters from plexiglass and alu- minium
The color and font of the letters depends on the wishes and prescribed standards of the clients:
  • Plexiglass
  • UV printing on plexiglass
  • PVC Film
  • Sheet plastificatio (thermolack)

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